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Bodies of Work

Bodies of work refers to the different periods and transformations that my work has gone through, and at the same time is an attempt to emphasize the importance that the body-in this case my body as I am talking from my personal experience- plays and has played throughout these transformations. In this sense, I could say that for me the practice of sculpture has a reciprocal effect, since at the same time that my body physically, mentally and emotionally shapes my work; my work physically, mentally and emotionally shapes me.

As an sculptor the physicality of the sculptural object is central to my artistic practice, but my interest lies mainly in how the sculpture comes into being. In general terms I could say that my interest focuses in the making of it. I believe that art making per se is an act of self-discovery, as subtler layers of the body and the psyche (selfhood) reveal themselves and are discovered, or rather re-discover themselves. in particular shapes or decisions. With my work I am trying to reflect on these moments.

The skin and the sense of touch plays a central role in my practice as is the organ that delimits the interior and exterior of mine and our bodies. I believe my skin is the tool I use not only to sense, perceive and feel stimuli from the outside world, but also to translate into shapes hidden physical and emotional areas of my body. Childhood memories, myths, rituals and dreams have been the part of these hidden areas which I have touched upon, and that have turned into my recurrent themes and obsessions.
– If you are trying to decide what is more important – the experience of the eye or the body – always trust the body, because touch is an older sense than sight and its experience is more fundamental. Apart from that, in our contemporary audiovisual civilization, the eye is rather tired and ‘spoilt’. The experience of the body is more authentic, inhabited by aesthetication. .
Jahn Svankmajer.
Bodies of Work as a website is therefore divided into different bodies of work. Each one of them is related to a particular period of my practice, they all contain an introductory page and unfold into the media I used in that particular time period. In most of the cases, a combination of sculpture, drawing and moving image.