Jorge RiveraBodies of Work

Pato Fito (2006), 9min. 18sec.
Sample Preview: 3min. 44sec.

Patofito is the name of a fictional duck character, I had to wear Patofito’s costume for my first ever public performance as an infant. In the film, a child wearing this costume transforms tennis eggs he steals from a geese into tennis balls. Through a window he accesses a tennis court where two faceless tennis players use the balls to pound each other to death. The self-confrontation and violence at the core of the subject are the theme that underlie this short-film.

Duck, Charles Bullman
Geese, Eva Titkos
Tennis player1, Jesus de Miguel
Tennis player2, Jaime Rivera
Tennis player3, Jorge Rivera

Jorge Rivera
Jo Ramirez

Jo Ramirez, Jacaranda Pictures

Director of Photography:
Sebastian Cort

Assistant Director:
Zoe Brown

Assistant to the Director:
Vaggie Kastanidou

Assistants on Set:
David Alvarez
Lyuben Tenev

Magdalena Bahanova

Jewellery Design:
Jesus de Miguel

Make-up Artist
Siobhan Bullman

Excerpts from
Studies n.12 for Player
Piano Sarabande & Scherzo
Conlon Nancarrow

Anne Monnehay

Special Thanks to:
The Harbour Club
Caroline Clarck
Steff King
Mandy Sargent