Jorge RiveraBodies of Work

Mar do Rostro (Face of the Sea) (2005), 17min. 32sec.
Sample Preview: 5min. 56sec.
Split screen video piece which superposes mythical narratives of how the body of St. James was taken to Santiago de Compostela. Mickey Mouse-like figures carry a dead body from a boat as I walk along the coast wearing the Saint’s costume. A child makes sand castles on the beach as the two narratives (Mickey’s and the Saint’s) come together. The obsession with the figure of the Saint and the suggestion of art practice as a personal pilgrimage towards my own origins is proposed in this film.

Boy, Mateo Franco
Mouse1, Juanjo Zunzunegui
Mouse2, German Rodriguez
Mouse3, Pablo Veloso
Mouse4, Pablo Prieto
Mouse5, Alberto Malingres
Mouse6, Eduardo Etchevarria
St Jame's corpse, Lucia Ozores
St James, Jorge Rivera

Enrique Otero
Pablo Rega

Pablo Rega

Jorge Rivera

Carlota Rega
Jorge Rivera

Set Assistants:
Marta Viguera
Lucia Ozores
Pilar Perez
Elena Rega
Carlota Rega
Marcos Carames
Miguel Carrero
Julio Salgado
Celestino Garrido
Jose Luis Molina
Javier Roca