Jorge RiveraBodies of Work

In the Skin of the Bull, (2009) 37min.48 sec.
Sample Preview with credits: 6min, 10 sec.

This film intends to explore and share the external and internal experience I underwent while interacting with the materials commonly used in the bronze casting process. External and internal experience relates to the physical, psychical and emotional reactions triggered by the sense of touch. The skin is the perceptive organ which connects external stimuli to the inner space of memories, dreams and imagination. In this sense the body is understood as a receptacle of flesh, a vase or a hollow sculpture. The physical boundaries of the body and ordinary self-perception are enhanced and reformulated at particular moments of the very act of making. The project ‘In the Skin of the Bull’ aims to articulate these moments, namely moments of self-reflection revealed in the intimate relationship between the sculptor and the sculpture. At the same time, it highlights the dimension of death inherent in the ritualistic structure of the bullfight.

Yu'an Huang
Vaggie Kastanidou
Natuka Honrrubia
Irene Gunstan
Tom Wilkinson
Gareth Williams
Stuart McCaffer
Arthur Steward
Conchita Fraga
Gabriel Sanchez
Eva Rivera
Jorge Rivera

Directed by:
Jo Ramiez
Jorge Rivera

Director of Photography:
Sebastian Cort

Assistant Director:
Vaggie Kastanidou

Production Assistants:
Jesus de Miguel
Soledad Von Klitzing

Gordon Dawson
Anne Monnehay

Special Thanks to:
Maestro Salvador Diaz
Trish Lyons
Margarita Gluzberg
Glynn Williams
Michael Curran
Sylvie Bertrand
Plaza de Toros de Calatayud